Riven Manipulator

Riven is the best interactive adventure game ever. A great game needs a great helper tool.
The Riven Manipulator is that tool!

Finally, there is an easy way to navigate from one location to the next. If you forget to unlock a door or turn on the steam supply, the Riven Manipulator lets you make those adjustments midgame.

This friendly cheater tool helps you explore the World of Riven to a deeper level than you have gone before. It doesn't ruin the game or spoil the adventure, but removes the tedious mouse clicks that get in the way of the Riven master. Download it now and check it out for yourself!

The program Requires Windows 95 or better. If you have the VB 6.0 DLLs already installed on your system you may be able to get away with downloading the program alone and simply running it. Otherwise, please download the full installation package. Email the author!

Temple Screen Shot   Jungle Screen Shot   Readme text Location mappings

program only (73K) full install (1.65Meg)
Yes, I want to be informed when there is an upgrade.
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(If you prefer another form of payment, let me know).