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Linux versions

The main Linux versions are as follows:

Debian (started in 1993)
Knoppix (from Debian in 2000)
Ubuntu (from Debian in 2004)
Slackware (started in 1993)
Red Hat (started in 1994)
Fedora (from Red Hat in 2003)
SUSE (from Red Hat in 1994)
Gentoo (from Enoch in 2002)

We used Debian at Asher.
Rad Hat split to have a commercial paid version and a free version.
Ubuntu is the major desktop root version. There are many variations with different graphical libraries running under applications. I think I am leaning towards Kubuntu because it uses the KDE graphical foundation instead of the QT or Unity libraries. KDE was determined to be the favorite style of interface by a 1 to 3 margin (25% vs 75%). It looks and acts like the traditional Windows model.

Getting Things Done summary

I Collect everything in IN

Everything has to go to either the white table or an email inbox.
Every other action item that is not in one of those two places needs to be put there.

II Process the items one at a time

Don’t get distracted: Handle the first item and don’t put it down until processed!

  1. What is it?
    What does this mean to me?

  2. What is the end goal?
    What do I want to be true about this?
    What would be a successful outcome?


    1. You don’t know what you want
    2. You don’t know how to get it
    3. Solution: Make stuff up and make it happen!
  3. What is the next (physical and visible) step? Decide!

    1. Do it now
    2. Delegate it
    3. Incubate for later (“Someday Maybe”)
    4. Put it on a project list
    5. File it for reference

III Organize & Prioritize the project/task list

Make sure you have a filing system, calendar, and places for the “someday” list.
Order the list by priority and indicate context, energy, and time required.

IV Periodically review the task list and the Someday Maybe pile

Once per week see what needs to move from one list to another.

V Do it

Based on your available time, energy, and priority, choose what tasks to do and do them.

There is much more in the book/CD but this is the main process.
[Getting Things Done is a great book by David Allen]

References to cool things

Cool places to go (taken from Wired Magazine and ThisWeekInStartups YouTube channel). Tech news Great gadgets To learn to progressively support HTML5/CSS3 features Ethan Marcotte, expert at responsive design Phone and SMS automation Automate mapping IP addresses to physical location areas API central – interface with everything real-time web interface updates as the server code updates Mobile auto-refresh like live reload Physics engine for game development Tiled map editor Package texture patterns into a single download Presentation tools with CSS3 Adventures in Javascript HTML5 files API helper (using UNIX commands) Jasmine JS testing suite Yeoman web app generator Bootstrap UI framework MVC framework chooser tool Balsamiq UI wireframe tool Virtual assistant services for $12/hr or so Voxer walkie-talkie app Lucid Chart interactive wireframe tool Slide rocket – not sure I recommend it Email management and contact tool Nice idea for a computer hosting location. There are others! (See Azure, AWS, rackspace, etc) A list apart (web development helps) Thoughts about the history of Gold, Silver and money

New design for new times

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I decided to start a blog because I [what inspired you start a blog?]

Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about [what topics will you be writing about?]

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