Linux versions

The main Linux versions are as follows:

Debian (started in 1993)
Knoppix (from Debian in 2000)
Ubuntu (from Debian in 2004)
Slackware (started in 1993)
Red Hat (started in 1994)
Fedora (from Red Hat in 2003)
SUSE (from Red Hat in 1994)
Gentoo (from Enoch in 2002)

We used Debian at Asher.
Rad Hat split to have a commercial paid version and a free version.
Ubuntu is the major desktop root version. There are many variations with different graphical libraries running under applications. I think I am leaning towards Kubuntu because it uses the KDE graphical foundation instead of the QT or Unity libraries. KDE was determined to be the favorite style of interface by a 1 to 3 margin (25% vs 75%). It looks and acts like the traditional Windows model.

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